Saturday, 6 March 2010

You can never have too much power

The 240v AC PSU from Coze in Japan arrived today. Thanks a lot. It plugged straight into Falcon A replacing it's 110v one and it worked perfectly. No more messing around with step-down transformers.

I thought that I would try the SCSI cable that I got a few days ago. It started booting from SCSI and as you can see it identified the internal IDE hard drive (which I wasn't expecting) but failed to find the SCSI drive it was booting from! This failure actually gave me new hope. It found the IDE drive which means the IDE interface wasn't 100% toast. So what if there was a fault in the old stock 84Mbyte Conner 2.5" IDE drive. I disconnected it and powered back on and it booted from SCSI perfectly. I was a little worried as I tried a few demos (remember that I've been unable to try anything on this Falcon upto now because there was no way to get data into it) but I needn't have been because they ran fine.

Ok so I'd identified that the IDE drive or the IDE interface was faulty. But my CF cards and adapters had not arrived from Hong Kong yet. I was stuck for something to try it with. So I hunted around and found an Amiga which had an IDE->CF adapter and 1GB card. I plugged it in, tried it and nothing. Booting from the SCSI drive HDDriver failed to find it. Chatting to people on the net someone suggested that the CF adapter I was using may be incompatible with HDDriver 6.14 (the version on the SCSI HDD I got free). So I needed another IDE drive... so I dug out an old laptop and it was going to sacrifice windows to get my Falcon working. I plugged it in and boom. HDDriver found it. I ran the HDDriver app from the SCSI hard drive and partitioned and installed HDDriver on the 2.5" drive. Disconnected the SCSI drive and it booted. Amazing.

What is even better is the floppy drive is working now too. The faulty IDE drive must have been affecting the floppy. I tried the spare floppy and it too is fully working.

I now have two fully working Atari Falcon's!! YEAH!!

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