Friday, 19 March 2010


If you've been following my blog you might remember that one of the Falcons came with an Atari 14Mbyte RAM card (very nice) but the other had the normal 4Mbyte one so I bought a SIMM adapter from DJBase for €18 (including postage to the UK).

It wasn't straight forward though. In preparation I dug out all my 16Mbyte SIMMs but out of over 60 SIMMS only one worked.

The reason is that almost all of my SIMMS have chips which are 2Mx8 and for whatever reason this SIMM adapter needs chips which are 4Mx4. Another thing to note is that with the SIMM fitted, the metal sheilding that usually covers floppy drive will no longer fit!

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  1. I think you've put together a great little site. Gives me an insight into a machine I could only crave in the day. It would be interesting to read your thoughts on what the Falcon, as much as any retro computer, offers enthusiasts today. Just hardware restoration or any practical applications. Meanwhile, I will make do with Hatari...