Thursday, 4 March 2010

I'm an Atari Falcon Fan

The biggest annoyance of my new Falcon's (even more annoying than the floppy drive and IDE in Falcon A not working) is the damn FANs. They sound like a damn Jumbo Jet engine. Looking closer I can tell they are 40mm * 40mm * 10mm fans. Hopefully 12v. A little googling on the web revealed that a famous Atari and Amiga scener who I know called DJBase has already replaced these fans before as he posts (in German) on his website

I want to replace both Falcon case fans ( 18 year old sepa ones) with two new PAPST Type 412 FM bought off ebay. This will involve removing the old one and soldering a 2-pin FAN header as currently the fan power is soldered to the motherboard. They are ordered and I'm now waiting their arrival although coming from Singapore they could take weeks :(

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