Thursday, 4 March 2010


The Falcon SCSI II cable I ordered has arrived. That was quick. Only two days. I tried it with the external SCSI drive I got free and Falcon B (the towered one) and bang first time it detected HDDriver and booted. Not quite sure what FPATCH 2 is (but it was in the Auto folder on the drive).

I now needed to get some programs from my PC onto the drive for testing. So I downloaded lots and lots of demos from Pouet and then I plugged the hard drive into my PC's SCSI card. Now I've done this before with my MegaSTe so I wasn't surprised when no drives popped up in Windows. It is because Windows cannot read GEMDOS partitions. But there is a great little utility from a handy Atari Programmer, Pera Putnik, called Drive Imager it is a little clunky on the GUI side and it cannot transfer directories, only files but it works and I transferred all the files and you can see the Falcon running the demo BEAMS from hard drive

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