Sunday, 7 March 2010

Key to success

The Falcon's came with three keyboards. A US, UK and German. All three were in a bit of a mess with years of hand-cheese on them. So now begins the restorations. As you can see I removed all of the keys. They just pop off with a little help from a plastic tool. (Don't use metal like a screwdriver as you'll mark the plastic)

Just look at the amount of dust and fluff trapped under the keys. Yeuch! A few minutes with a can of compressed air (available at all good electronics shops such as Maplin) and it was looking as good as new.

Unfortunately the keys were not as easy. They were covered with years of sweat and grease and as you can see at some time in the past one of the Falcon's had drawn blood and the owner had bled out over all the keys.

So they had to take a trip to the kitchen sink. 5 minutes later with a good scrubbing with an old tooth brush and they were clean and after they dried returned to the keyboard.

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