Saturday, 27 February 2010

There are birds here!

Atari Falcon A

This is a USA Falcon in its original case. The vendor said that this Falcon had been accidentally plugged into UK 240V AC mains instead of using a 110v AC stepdown transformer. Before it was "blown up" the vendor said he was having trouble with the internal IDE hard drive and the floppy
drive, i.e. neither worked.

Atari Falcon B

This is a UK Falcon rehouse in a Lighthouse Tower Case. It was described by the vendor as fully working except for the external keyboard which used to work if you put a book on the cable. To me this sounded like an easy fix. Just a loose connection and I could have a working Falcon!! It's not the prettiest cases by far (Actually it is damn ugly) but if it works I can always transfer the motherboard to the stock case.

Right I need a kettle lead and a screwdriver, but first a beer!

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