Saturday, 27 February 2010

She's alive! Alive!

I connected a 240v AC kettle lead and plugged in the VGA adapter dongle that came in the box. Hooked up the monitor, keyboard and mouse and pressed the button expecting an all mighty bang or silence. Instead there was the whir of a tired old fan and an image popped onto the screen. The ATARI logo! What ever happened from now on I was almost certainly guaranteed a working Falcon at the end!! Whoopie. Erm. I mean great. :)

The memory check came up and tested 4Mbytes which is OK I guess. Falcons come in 1Mbyte, 4Mbyte or 14Mbyte. But I was more than pleased to get anything. After a few seconds timeout the GEM desktop appeared with the Falcon coloured background. No hard drive icon so I guess no working drive.

Just as the vendor said the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work and no amount of wiggling or pressure would get it to work.

Out with the screwdriver.

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