Saturday, 27 February 2010

It can't be that simple?

The success of bringing up Falcon B yesterday still hasn't settled in, but I am turning my attentions to Falcon A. I knew that it had been electrocuted from what the vendor told me and in anticipation I was prepared to have to replace the power supply and I was just praying that when I opened her up for heart surgery I didn't find lots of burnt bits inside :(

I remove the screws from the bottom of the case and the shielding inside. Putting all the screws in labelled bags so I know where they come from. (Previous fixes I've always just left all the screws in a heap in the middle of the table and lost half of them!)
Inside everything was immaculate. Much more so than Falcon A who's case was full of dust and dead spiders. It even smelled like it had just been manufactured.

On closer inspection of the PSU I noticed that the fuse was blown. It couldn't be that simple could it? A blown fuse?

A friend I met in the pub the previous night had loaned me a spare 110v Falcon PSU in preparation and I just whipped out the fuse, transferred it to the existing PSU and using a 240v AC to 110v AC step-down transformer and a USA kettle lead I powered her on.

Wow, she came up first time. And much to my surprise showed that she had a 14Mbyte RAM card in. Very nice.

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